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If you are a business owner or business executive who is eager to increase company productivity, to continue grow with profit and have a well structured organization, then Trimitra can be relied upon as a partner of choice in finding the right solution.
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We know that in running a business, you will face a variety of challenges and problems, from human resource management, systems and strategy, customers, finance and the business life-cycle.
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No need to worry anymore, because you are not alone. Trimitra has experts and expertise who have worked together with customers to provide reliable solutions.
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We have worked for more than 15 years in the fields of telecommunications, IT and digital transformation and business; in organizations that apply international standards and that operate throughout the world. We are also affiliated with the best overseas companies with competency in consulting and training.
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We are experienced in managing organizations in both Indonesia and overseas, from small scale to large, leading units and coordinating more than 1000 work teams successfully and sustainably.
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With our experience we want to help increase the productivity of your company through efficiency and finding the right balance between cost and time.
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Trimitra is a consultancy and training provider in management transformation, optimization of business processes and we help our customer to be both more effective and productive

Trimitra’s areas of expertise in increasing productivity are:

Professional Services

  • Project Management
  • Systems and Strategy
  • Process Agility
  • Document Management
  • ISO Training and Audit
  • GDPR compliance

EV Charging Solution

  • Project Management
  • EMS (EV Management System)
  • Charging Station
  • Business Model

Digital Transformation

  • Roadmap Digital Transformation

Work Flow Development

  • Work flow Monitoring and Control Systems
  • Systems Integration

7 reasons to choose Trimitra

  1. Training will be given by skilled lecturers with advanced knowledge in business and management. They have extensive experience in their areas of expertise and contribute with examples from real situations.
  2. Consultancy will be given by certified consultant with experience gained from real-life business situations in addition to several years of experience as a consultant.
  3. Training material will consist of several practical cases. Students learn from games and exercises with the supervision of the lecture which designed to help them understand and remember the material.
  4. We have excellent partners in professional services, work flow development and digital business, and they have more than 15 years experience in real business, training and consulting.
  5. We have business modules that cover the overall business framework in the consulting services. We work with HOLISTIC MINDSET. We conduct gap analysis that includes an assessment of the tools, the Business processes, the people: their skills, knowledge, habits and motivation.
  6. By using these Business modules in the consulting services, the consultant will easily lead the customer step by step and in a well structured manner. The report will be provided using a simple to understand and implement methodology.
  7. An Online community is available for those eager to expand their business network with customers encouraged to join in and share, learn and motivate each other.


Strategy project management consultant and Project Implementation

I had hired in Eric to help on a specific interconnect project where we were lacking knowledge in the Rating Team in TDC. The tenure was expected to last for 6 months. 5 months later, Eric has helped us set up a solid process for analysing Interconnect projects. Has been involved in requirement setting and analysis for 6 projects and helped train resources in the team so we are self-sufficient going forward. This is definitely a better result than I was expecting up front. During the tenure I have found Eric to be good at opening organizational doors, energetic, structured, enthusiastic and good at creating. A pleasure to work with. I have been very happy with Eric’s consultant role in the team and give Eric my warmest recommendations especially in relation to setting up solid processes. Feel free to contact me if you have questions in this regard.

BR David

Consultant, Trainer and Project Manager

3 interesting areas:

  • Complaint Management
  • The differences between professionalism, leadership and entrepreneurship
  • Time Management

Impression/testimony: Ery was communicative during the training and opened my horizons to leadership and coaching of subordinates

BR Dominikus Madya