EV Charging Solution

Service Outlines

  • TRIMITRA’s main focus is in new technology development such as Digital Business, Cyber Security, Robotic Processing Automation, AI and BEMS (Building Energy Management Systems) in consultancy, project implementation, training, coaching and audit in ISO, PM, IT Network.
  • TRIMITRA as the consultant company is partnering with AQMN Consulting AB. AQMN is a consulting company based in Gothenburg, Sweden and they develop EV charging solutions. AQMN AB works with manufacturers in Sweden and in Europe to design new hardware and EMS (EV Charging Systems) and to integrate the overall solution into BEMS. TRIMITRA and AQMN’s ambition is to design solutions that match to the Indonesian market.

Service Description

  • TRIMITRA as the project implementor has considerable experience in project management.  We were the first auditor in project management in Indonesia; with certified project managers and consultant engineers who can work in conjunction with project management methodologies such as PMI.
  • In EMS, TRIMITRA will combine solutions that are user-friendly and support EMS operators to easily manage the network: 
    • Real-time sessions with API for system integrations
    • Support for innovative payment schemes
      • Nudging, e.g. lower price per kWh when requesting lower power
      • User profiles with account, pre-paid, mobile cash, credit card, post-paid
      • App with attractive features for customers, e.g. available charging points
      • National/Int’l roaming – charging the existing customer account
    • Managing the energy supply of the entire building, including solar panels
  • With EV Charging stations, TRIMITRA has developed a variety of approaches to fulfil different customer requirements:
    • Basic: Only charging H/W
    • Smart: Payment solution, OCPP functions
    • Intelligent: IT Cloud Solution, Advanced payment schemes, Abiltiy to manage the whole facility, including solar panels, Managing the OCPP protocol
  • TRIMITRA supports the customer in order to develop the right business model, e.g.:
    • Loss leader model: Attract customers with free or cheap EV charging
    • Total Cost Recovery: Match operational cost and recover investment
    • Profitmaking: Profitable revenue stream on top
    • Managed: EOT, Establish-Operate-Transfer, Outsource