Strategy, Change and Quality

Strategy, Change and Quality Or How to Make it Happen

Strategy – Plan for Success – From Vision to Critical Success Factors

Our methodology is described in the figure on the left. We start from the top understanding your vision and core objectives, i.e. the business you believe in. Next step is to plan for the upcoming years and set the strategic direction for the company. When you now the strategic plan for the upcoming years it is essential to identify the factors that will make your efforts lead to success, a sub part of the success factors will be extra critical and you must address these and make sure to adapt your business to have them fully integrated and under control. Do you and your organization know what to FOCUS on?

When you and your organization has worked out what should be your FOCUS it is time to, in a very methodological way, ensure the Strategy is implemented together with addressing the Critical Success Factors. The smartest way known today to handle change is to implement portfolio management. In your portfolio you collect all change initiatives, your projects and programs, and coordinate them collectively. Through the portfolio you change your business and make it fully aligned with your strategy. You implement the needed capabilities in the Business as Usual in a sustainable way. We are using the PMI Project Management Guidelines and certified Project Managers.

Quality – Deliver with Precision – An Engine for Development and Result

So how would you know you are working in the most effective and efficient way. The answer is to look at the global best practice from leading successful companies. ISO 9001 is a collection of criteria, gathered from successful companies around the globe, to test your organization against. If you fulfil the criteria you are doing the right things, and you are doing them the right way. All organizational work we do is aligned with the ISO 9001:2015 standard. You can include as a goal, when working together with us, to become ISO 9001:2015 certified, or you can choose not to and still live up to the standard