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We provide the Consultancy Services and Training for Digital Business Roadmaps. There are some specific strategic steps of companies that have succeeded in the Digital Business, such as Amazon, Zapposs and Apple; and on how to make your business part of the Indonesian Revolution 4.0. The three steps of the Digital Business Roadmaps will include: Digital Branding, Digital Copy Writing and Digital Marketing. These three main steps will give you clear guidance on what is needed to change your business or to start your digital business.

  • Digital Branding: Gives you a guideline on how to build Digital, Corporate or Product Branding. Making a clear, a concise and interesting Branding Script to communicate with the markets, and to attract interest to your Branding. Seven steps of Digital Branding that will make your Branding: Brave and Easily known to people.
  • Digital Copywriting: Guides you on how to influence other people with clear, concise and impactful websites. How to write advertisements, web articles, sales letters, and e-marketing that can directly affect the subconscious mind of the reader. By having your marketing and sales team with copywriting competency, you will be more effective and efficient through digital media.
  • Digital Marketing: How you can implement the double funnelling of ten digital marketing processes, the database available and the CRM (Customer Relationship Management). There are ten digital marketing processes have been proven and implemented by companies who have succeeded in the Digital Industry. The processes include Lead Awareness, Acquisition, Activation, Retention and Monetization. These five processes are a single channel marketing process. Followed by 5 subsequent processes, namely, Shopper, Customers, Members, Advocates and Raving Enthusiasts Management. These 5 processes are called multiple channels. In each of these processes there are many techniques that must be learned and implemented if you want to succeed in Digital Business. The 10 processes must have a database and a CRM system. Our complete and simple material will ensure the effective and efficient Digital Transformation of your company.