PMP® Certification Preparation

For the organization to have Certified Project Managers gives a predictability in the execution of projects. It gives you Project Managers who knows how to deliver on time, on budget, within scope and with the desired quality.

In this course, the participants will gain insights in depth on how a project should be managed while at the same time preparing for the PMI certification ‘Project Management Professional’, PMP® , the world’s most widely distributed project management certification. The PMP® certification symbolizes high knowledge and excellent skills in project management, and is highly regarded by all organizations working with change in the form of projects.

This five-day course is designed to provide a complete understanding of PMI’s way of looking at project management as described in their PMBOK® Guide. By completing the course, the participants will be well prepared for the PMP examination. During the training, participants will be given the chance to practice examination techniques with typical test questions. The course emphasizes the areas that are likely to appear on the examination. There is plenty of opportunity to prepare by making typical test questions and discuss this in group led by the lecturer. All aspects of the certification process are also presented and explained to prepare the participants in the best possible way for the PMP examination.

The purpose of the Education

The purpose of the education is to give the participants knowledge about working methods and essential project management concepts according to the PMBOK® Guide and the usefulness of applying its content to projects of different types and sizes. The course will also help participants prepare for the PMP® exam, which will be done at a later date, and convey what work effort it takes to certify.

After completing the course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the PMBOK® Guide view of project management and ‘Professional Responsibility’
  • Implement the PMBOK® Guide project management processes/domains appropriately in their current projects
  • Control the initiation of a project
  • Effectively plan a project
  • Execute and control projects
  • Effectively Conclude and Evaluate projects
  • Use project management tools and methods
  • Analyse and apply the PMBOK® Guide content associated with the exam
  • Learn how to give and receive feedback
  • Learn how to establish and develop a high performing project team

For Whom?

This training is suitable for experienced project managers and leaders in project-oriented organizations who wish to familiarize themselves with PMI®’s views on project management and/or intend to certify themselves as PMP®. Managers in project-oriented organizations will gain a better understanding what is expected from them to make projects successful.

For those who intend to become certified, PMI® sets certain prerequisites. The applicant must apply directly to PMI® for the examination.
Detailed information is available at In essence, the applicant shall:

  • Have obtained 35 h formal project-leader training, and either,
  • Hold ‘Bachelor’s Degree’ or equivalent (4 years at college) and have worked at least 4500 hours in or with projects in the last 3-8 years, or,
  • Hold ‘High School Diploma’, ie. high school diploma, and have worked 7500 hours in or with projects in the last 5-8 years.

In addition, the candidates must be able to show evidence of experience from effectively lead and direct projects (two effectively led and directed projects is required). It is not enough to have participated in, or performed certain activities, one has to be the leader and responsible for the projects.